hard-drive-destructionSecure Data Destruction

Data destruction is probably the most critical part of an IT Disposal to any organisation.

Although the hardware being disposed of was originally very expensive, the data contained on any media which leaves your organisation has huge value.

Ace IT Recycling uses two methods to ensure the destruction of your data.

We use one Blancco, which is one of only a couple of software Data Destruction methods which have been tested and certified to CESG standards.

Every sucessful data destruction results in a certified pass, which is returned back to you as part of your asset report. If the media is not suitable for reuse, or the data destruction fails, due to a problem with the hard drive for instance, it is securely crushed. The serial number of the hard drive will be listed on the asset report specifying any drives which are crushed.

We use the EDR Disk crusher to physically destroy the data bearing media. You can see the EDR Crusher in action below.

This data destruction process is time consuming, and costly, but gives you the peace of mind that your data cannot be recovered by anyone.

Watch out for companies who use free software such as DBAN to carry out your data destruction. It saves them money but total data destruction is not guaranteed!

Please Contact Us if you require any more information, or advice regarding the destruction of your data.